Find great value wines recommended by top critics and competitions in the UK

Find A Vino is all about...finding a vino! That bottle of wine that is both great value for money and is recommended by wine critics and competitions you can trust. Each day we update prices from selected supermarkets and wine merchants and match them against the critics and competitions you want to follow. So the next time you are shopping for wine in the supermarket or want to buy wine online you can easily find the best value wines.

Android Soon

We aim to release an Android version in 2015.

What's New

New Version

20 Aug 2014 we have released a new version fixing all known bugs.

DB 2014 Cabernet

17Aug2014 Drinks Business Awards 2014 Cabernet results have been added.

IWC 2014 loaded

22July 2014 International Wine Challenge results were loaded adding hundreds of new wines.

IWSC 2014 loaded

22June 2014 International Wine Challenge results were loaded adding hundreds of new wines.

About Us

Find A Vino is a joint venture between ThirtyFifty, a leading wine tasting company, and Microsap, a global software services company specialising in Enterprise Apps.

ThirtyFifty is owned by Chris Scott and Jane Scott. Microsap is owned by Rajiv Nadkarni.

Our Story

If you buy wine at supermarkets you'll know how confusing it can be to find good quality wines that truly represent great value for money. Even Chris, our resident wine expert, was finding it tough to keep up, with new wines and new vintages constantly appearing in the wine aisle. He would go shopping armed with recommendations, print outs and newspaper cuttings from his favourite critics, only to find that when he got to the store the wines were often sold out. An easier way to find the best value wines was needed. And so, in 2012, Chris, along with Microsap providing the technical expertise, set about trying to solve the problem. The result is Find A Vino.

We are very excited and have high hopes for Find A Vino. We hope you enjoy using it and finding some fantastic new wines.

Press Releases

10 June 2014 Find A Vino Launches