Find great value wines recommended by top critics and competitions in the UK

Find A Vino is all about...finding a vino! That bottle of wine that is both great value for money and is recommended by wine critics and competitions you can trust. Each day we update prices from selected supermarkets and wine merchants and match them against the critics and competitions you want to follow. So the next time you are shopping for wine in the supermarket or want to buy wine online you can easily find the best value wines.

Android Soon

We aim to release an Android version in 2017.

What's New

Version 2 Released!

1 July 2016 we have released a new version lots of new functionality.

DB 2016 Prosecco

17Aug2014 Drinks Business Awards 2016 Prosecco results have been added.

Perfect Cellar added

July 2016 We are currenlty adding hundreds of new wines.

Easily find critically acclaimed wines at your favourite store

The best value wines appear at the top of all lists.

Search by retailer, price, style, country, region or grape variety.

How it Works

When a critic or competition releases new reviews or awards, our WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) qualified staff manually match the wines against the 14,000+ unique wines in Find A Vino that are listed by our participating supermarkets and wine merchants. Supermarkets and wine merchants are also set up with price and availability feeds that automatically update every day. We now know what awards/scores the wines have, where they are available and at what price.

Now the Magic! We can display our lists with the best value wines at the top, looking at not just the price but the quality of the wine. We have developed the FAV algorthim (clever maths) so we can find the best value wines based on the price and reviews. For example, if a wine is £9 and has a Silver award, while another is £7 with a Silver award, we would say the £7 wine is better value than the £9 wine. But how about a £5 wine with a Bronze award against a £6 wine rated 3 out of 5? No problem, the FAV algorithim calculates the value and decides which wine is better value, always automatically ordering the wines with the best value at the top.

No internet connection when you are out and about?

All reviews and prices are kept on the App, which means that it works everywhere, never slowing down due to a poor internet connection, so common in supermarkets or an underground cellars.

Keep track of your favourite wines

We all have our favourite wines and saving them to My Wines means you can use your own ratings to look for the best value wines that you already know you like. This is brilliant if you often pick up a bottle of wine on the way home from work. A quick check will tell you which wine to look for based on your ratings and the current pricing.

Shopping online? We link you directly through to the retailer's website

If you buy wine online at home use Find A Vino to discover the best value wines and click through to the retailers to buy the wine. With some of the retailers you can continue your grocery shopping after selecting your wine.